Product Review: Lemon Mint Glass Cleaner

This blog was created to tell you about Celadon Road products so today I’m going to review the Celadon Road Lemon Mint Glass Cleaner.

First a few questions…what ingredients are in your glass cleaner? Can you pronounce them? Do you know what they are or what purpose they have in your cleaner? Do you know how safe they are?

The last question is the one I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. We try so hard to eat healthy, avoid cigarette smoke and live a healthy lifestyle but then we turn around and fill our homes with chemicals. I decided to change this in my own home by using natural, organic, eco-friendly products from Celadon Road.

Here is the ingredient list for the Lemon Mint Glass Cleaner:

Now it says right on the label that it is a glass and shiny surface cleaner….but I decided to tackle a greasy mess on my stove top

My husband decided to make scrambled eggs….*sigh*

But a couple of squirts and a few swipes with a towel and…..

Shiny, clean and NO chemicals!

Plus it has a fabulous, fresh smell. Some of the other consultants have talked about using it as a breath freshener or brushing your teeth with it, but I haven’t tried that yet.

If you’d like to order a bottle for yourself visit my WEBSITE

Visit my FANPAGE for more information or specials

Please email me or call me 308-615-0028 if you have any questions or to find out more about hosting a party.

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